What you can do with our Ghost Productions, Templates and Sample Packs?

1. Ghost Productions:

Exclusive Full Licenses include the project files and master recording(s). They are sold only once to a single user or a business. The buyer purchases the full exploitation rights of the package content; this includes copyright, publishing, and full rights to the Master Recording. Once purchased, the items get immediately removed from our network and the client becomes the sole owner of the assets. 

What you can do with Ghost Productions ?
- Releasing on a record label under your name
- Resell the rights to the master
- Renaming the master
- Distribute or resell the project files
- Register the copyrights under yourself or a company

The Full License grants you, the Purchaser, an exclusive and transferrable right to make use of the item you acquire.

When you buy a Full License, you will be considered as a new owner of the acquired Item.

After you will purchase a Full License, the Item will be removed automatically from the Sidenoize network and its affiliates and will never be accepted for sale. We will provide the buyer with a detailed invoice including the Full License terms that release the product from all possible claims. 

2. Regular License (All Templates):

Personal, Educational, Production Use ( “as is”, with our original melodies):
- Deconstruct and learn arrangement, structure, sound processing, automation, etc
- Practice in mixing and mastering
- Practice in composition, arrangement, etc
- Use samples, presets, processing racks from templates for your own commercial productions
- Play at home
- Play at the club/festival/party
- Use in a live theatrical performance

3. Commercial Use of template-based productions:
You can use template-based music for commercial purposes if you changed/modified all the main melodies. That's our minimum requirement. You can keep drum samples, drum patterns, track structure, effects, synth presets, processing, etc.

If you changed all the main melodies then you can:
- Use templates as a starting point for your own commercial productions
- Release on a record label, iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc (if youtube recognize and monetize our youtube video, but you didn't buy the full license, then you have to remove your release immediately)
- Use for TV, web or radio advertisement
- Use in videos, films, trailers, apps, games, or other multimedia
- Use as part of a product available for purchase in a store or online

However, we recommend you to make deeper template modification (change synth presets, some drum samples, effects) if you're going to release template-based track on a record label.

What you cannot do with our templates and template-based music (except with exclusive full licenses & ghost productions):
- Re-sell or share the project (modified or not) or any samples/presets from the project
- Claim exclusive ownership or authorship of the track without modifying original melodies
- Use for creating sample libraries and royalty-free music

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